What data does the IPCC data catalogue hold?

The DDC catalogue holds a variety of data associated with the AR6 and previous IPCC reports. For an overview of the types of data see AR6-DATA and DATA

How do I know how to use the data?

The data allow primarily the reproduction of key figures in the IPCC report. The data also allows for further analyses, such as regional climate risk assessments or climate impact studies. The methods taken by and information provided in the IPCC reports might be helpful when determining the best use of DDC data for such purposes. For guidance on the use of scenarios, see Annex III of the WGIII AR6.The DDC does not provide further scientific guidance. Guidance on historical DDC is provided here.

How do I use the catalogue?

Please find guidance on using the data catalogue here.

How do I download data?

Find instructions for data download here.

How do I get further technical support?

Raise a technical support ticket here.