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The model output data are originally archibed by National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). They are now managed by the CISL Research Data Archive and were included into the IPCC Data Distribution Center model archive with the support of the UCAR Data Section.
Only those data sets that were used for the First Assessment Report (AR1) of the IPCC (1990) are included in the DDC data archive.
The metadata may show some gaps due to different archiving strategies adopted by different groups in the early days of the IPCC.
There are some additional data added as data sets (for download, see "Supplementary info") which originate from the archiving system at CISL.

For the data download from the IPCC DDC an account (free of charge) is required: Please register at the CERA Portal. Then choose a centre and a scenario and decide which variables you need and which data format you prefer. Finally, you will be guided to the database interface which will let you retrieve the data files one by one .

Survey of available Scenarion Runs for FAR

(ghg : greenhouse gas run)
Center Acronym Model Scenario Runs
Oregon State University
OSU OSU Climate Model     1xCO2
Canadian Center for Climate Modelling and Analysis
CCCma CGCM1     1*CO2
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
GFDL R15 control ghg (1%) 1*CO2
R30     1*CO2
United Kingdom
UKMO UKLO control   2*CO2
UKHI     1*CO2
UKTR control ghg (1%)  
Goddard Institute for Space Studies
GISS GISS control Scenario A
Scenario B
Scenario runs included in the IPCC-DDC.

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  For download you need an user account (free of charge): Please register at the CERA Portal

Content last modified: 07 November 2017